Cre­ation of material flow concept [Rot­tendorf Pharma GmbH]

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Due to a forecast dou­bling of the pro­duction volume within the next few years, the logistics processes are to be adapted to the changed require­ments. The aim of the project was to reveal weak­nesses in the existing logistics concept and to sub­se­quently develop solu­tions to ensure that pro­duction supply and dis­posal can be guar­anteed along the growth. In the course of the project, aspects such as waste dis­posal, ware­house logistics, in-plant transport flows, booking processes and IT-sup­ported ware­house man­agement as well as other topics were pre­pared. Part of the con­ceptual design was also the automation of logis­tical processes by means of con­veyor tech­nology including auto­matic re-pal­letizers and pallet wrappers, which were designed in accor­dance with GMP guidelines.

Infor­mation customer

Rot­tendorf Pharma GmbH is one of the leading service com­panies for the devel­opment, pro­duction and pack­aging of phar­ma­ceu­tical products in solid dosage form.

Results at a glance

  • Analysis results of the logistic processes
  • Potential deter­mi­nation
  • Cre­ation of a material flow concept 
    • Analysis of the effi­ciency of the logistic processes
    • Cre­ation of rough concept variants to ensure pro­duction supply and dis­posal along the planned growth
  • Prepa­ration of the process potential analysis including investment and ROI cal­cu­la­tions for each variant 
    • Cre­ation of the plant layout in 3D
    • Com­bining and detailing the solution approaches to an overall concept
  • Planning and sched­uling of imple­men­tation measures