The Company

InterLog Management - Beratung für Logistik

Practical relevance, knowledge transfer, excellent management skills, the assumption of project responsibility and cost-aware support within the scope of the retainer – these are commitments Interlog Management is dedicated to.

"Our core expertise is logistics consulting with a high level of practical relevance along the entire operational supply chain."

The company was founded by Eric Gastel in 2009. Operating from two sites, Sursee in Switzerland and Dortmund in Germany, InterLog Management offers its consulting and project management services predominantly throughout Europe. We have always attached great importance to sound finances as the prerequisite for steady growth and our professional customer service.

Company Facts and Figures

Switzerland Germany
Founded 2009 2009 (branch office)
Legal Form GmbH GmbH (since September 2013)
Share capital CHF 20.000,00 EUR 30.000,00
Locations Switzerland- Sursee Germany- Dortmund
Managing Director Eric Gastel Eric Gastel / CEO
Dennis Augustin
Number of employees 5 13


Thanks to many years of experience in different fields of logistics and supply chain, we can cover a wide range of different sectors with our consulting and project management services.

We have successfully managed retainers and projects in sectors as for instance: 

  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Service logistics
  • Production logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Waste disposal & recycling
  • Chemicals & pharmaceuticals
  • Public services and local authorities