Logistics Management

Logistics Management includes Supply Chain Management (SCM) and operational Logistics Consultancy. Since corporate success considerably depends on the reliability and flexibility of the entire value chain (supply chain) an integrated and professional SCM is of paramount importance.

Interlog Management thus offers competent advice and support to the planning, organisation, management, implementation and monitoring of your entire material, goods and information flows. Of course it is our aim to identify and tap the full potential for improvement along the whole length of your supply chain.

Our Logistics Management services include the following:


Our SCM services


Our Logistic Consultancy services

  • Conceptual design of a management model
  • Process design / Process consulting / Process visualisation
  • Optimisation of the existing supply chain:
    • Warehouse logistics
    • Transport logistics
    • Outsourcing / service evaluation
  • Software evaluation
    • Inventory management system
    • Interface connections
    • Warehouse management systems
    • Control software
    • Track and Trace
  • Automation systems
    • New equipment
    • Retrofitting / modernisation
  • Evaluation of suitable logistics systems
  • Material handling systems
    • manual
    • semi-automated
    • fully-automated
  • Interface configuration
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