Methods – Our procedure for a successful project management

Clarification of the Task

The key to project success is a clear clarification of the scope of the project and/or retainer. Having determined the essential parameters of the project together with you (e.g. the detailed project goal, cost budget, resources available, project team and any other conditions) we deploy one of our methods to achieve optimum project results.

Environmental Project Analysis

We point out any areas of conflict in the project, highlight the relevant success factors and enable specific strategies towards the individual target groups, i.e. "the relevant environments" such as customers, suppliers or administration. A dynamic and concerted action on the part of the project team is our aim.

Risk Analysis

The task of risk analysis is to identify, evaluate and eliminate factors that represent a threat to project success (i.e. to provide the service defined in the project contract in the intended time with the designated resources and within the given budget). In the wake of risk analysis appropriate countermeasures can be prepared and initiated.

Problem-solving Cycle

The procedures are based on the problem-solving cycle in each phase of the project. It describes the step sequence that is needed to reach a defined goal. The steps of the cycle are repeated several times and can be applied to different tasks.

Responsibility Matrix

All project tasks and/or organisational units involved are listed and clearly assigned to each other in the accountability or responsibility matrix. That way the matrix allows for clarity of communication and task responsibility in the project.