InterLog Management - Teamspirit

Consulting services need to be measurable, calculable and reasonably priced. This is the very premise our corporate philosophy is based on."

Your Workload Reduction

We act as practice-oriented problem analysts and, as a consequence, as knowledgeable problem-solvers. We aim at actively supporting our customers in managing projects or analysing and solving process problems as part of our consulting services.

Using our "I-Room" project management tool, we can automate the administration of the entire project. Our commitment and involvement allows for your taking care of other matters in your company while we keep you continuously informed about the ongoing project steps.

Your Cost Transparency

With only a few exceptions, our quotes incorporate a cap on expenses, ensuring that our services remain calculable and tangible. We never submit our invoices as a lump sum, but as precise day-by-day figures listed on a detailed report.

Your Benefits in Terms of Knowledge and Expertise

One of InterLog Management's aspirations is to transfer professional knowledge and expertise to our client companies by means of our consulting services.

Our customers’ employees are actively involved in developing and implementing the concepts, thereby promoting an effective transfer of knowledge and expertise from InterLog Management to the recipients.

Our Neutrality – Objectivity – Personality

Neutrality and objectivity are key factors for consultancy and project management. When evaluating suppliers, we are always committed to absolute market neutrality and objectivity so that you are offered the chance to make your own decisions based on pertinent information. Yet, in all of our supplier evaluations we also consider aspects of personal contact and communication as these criteria play a significant role in larger projects.

Our Practical Orientation and Integrated Information Flow

Our employees have a wide range of practical experience gained in their careers to date, which they can share in close cooperation with our customers’ employees to increase the likelihood of project success and customer satisfaction.

Using our specially developed "I-Room" project management tool, we can carefully gather the entire project in detail and record its progress to ensure an integrated flow of information and on-schedule success of the project at any time.

Our Bottom-up Principle

Contrary to many corporate principles, we do not work top-down, but rather bottom-up. We identify ourselves with the task set by the management, anticipate its effect on the employee base, classify the impact on processes and finally act from the process base up to an administrative level.

Our Continuous Education

We set great store by ongoing training and continuous education. Each of our employees attends a training course at least once a year and then passes his new-found knowledge onto colleagues in internal workshops. That way we ensure that you, as our customer, can always be provided with advice that is grounded on the latest up-to-date knowledge.