Project Management Office

You want to optimize your PM processes and structures in your projects or establish new processes?
You need support in managing and monitoring your projects (PM methods)?

Here, our PMO can establish the appropriate PM structures and tools – together with you; and can coach your project teams in the defined processes and PM methods.

With our Project Management Office (PMO) we complement your project execution and offer our clients an effective support, especially in the areas of overall project organization, management/structurering, controlling and monitoring and project management. The PMO is part of the project team and takes over organizational and coordinational tasks. It supports with planning, data collecting, and information tasks and keeps an overview about the whole project.

Your project is the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) in your company? Here, you need support for managing all acitivities regarding releases, test cases and bugs: a structured coordination, documentation and monitoring? Here, our PMO can completely take over the release, test and bug management via a software tool. All activities will be collected and monitored centrally.

Depending on your individual project requirements, we offer you the following PMO levels:

Level 1 Administrative Support
Level 2 Project Management/ Coordination & Methods
Level 3 Release, Test and Bug Management
Level 4 Complete Package Level 1 & 2
Level 5 Executive Package Level 1 – 4

Our employees of the Project Management Office …

  • lead, manage and coordinate (PM methodically) your project; in close cooperation with your project manager and the whole project team. Hereby, we take care for a consistent project structure.
  • guarantee that the defined project deadlines, milestones, goals and risks will be continuously monitored
  • develop consistent project document templates, so that project data can be prepared consistently for the management
  • prepare the project status and results of all sub-projects, so that they can be submitted to the management

Please choose which of the PMO levels will be the most suitable for you.
Gladly, we support you efficiently in your projects.

Your Advantages by Implementation of a PMO:
The benefit of a PMO is often not recognized, whereat such project role can contribute to the project and company success:

  • relieved project manager and teams, who have more time and power for important technical project tasks
  • centralized project documentation and communication -> thereby:
    - an improved project-internal or higher-level project communication
  • By chosing the „proper“ PM methods, structures and tools the following is guaranteed:
    - Consistent operational working within the project teams (methods and tools)
    - Efficient and transparent project execution
  • For higher-level project tasks the PMO can compile the information of the different projects, merge the data and submit them at any time
  • Effective and appropriate project executing within time and costs