Strategy Consulting

We provide you with support and advice in the development, modification or renewal of your operational logistics strategy: In this regard national and international conditions, logistics contexts, partner networks, suppliers, distributors and internal company departments are taken into account and ultimately integrated into the development and design process.

At first the existing operational processes serve as a starting point for developing and defining an optimal operational logistics strategy.

The further course of an operational strategy consultation is then based on the following model:

Phase [1]

The first phase starts with the analysis of processes and the process consultation. A global overview of the entire supply chain with all its levels and instances is created. Once the actual logistics processes have been identified, analysed and mapped, process consultation can proceed. This is either done on the basis of your company's specifications and requirements or on the recommendations for optimisation proposed by InterLog Management.

Phase [2]

The second phase foregrounds strategy consultation per se. Again, one option is to incorporate your individual specifications into a practical concept or to apply our expertise to your needs with a focus on improvement and sustainability. It is your choice whether you wish to implement a global strategy for the entire supply chain or for certain areas only, such as a distribution strategy.

Phase [3]

Finally, phase three involves the change management, i.e. the implementation and/or the supervision of the implementation of all measures previously developed.

We can support your projects or implement them independently as part of our consulting services, be it just for single phases or the full course of strategy consultation. Alternatively we offer an extensive project coaching specifically tailored to your business or your project management requirements.