Strategy & Process Management

Strategy and process management is basically concerned with logistics strategies, process analysis and process design. Evidently, a process-oriented logistics chain aligned to strategic company targets is indispensable for achieving competitive success.

InterLog Management is thus dedicated to the long-term optimisation of logistics processes by implementing innovative strategies in order to achieve greater business productivity.

Ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and long-term reliability of the supply chain as the key component of the overall logistics system, requires a specific logistics strategy, which is customised according to the individual characteristics, central requirements and objectives of a company.

In order to develop such a strategy, we analyse the entirety of internal and external logistics processes in your company and devise different versions of strategies in close cooperation with your senior management team.


Our Strategy & Process Management Services

  • Development, modification or renewal of your logistics strategy
  • Process mapping and process analysis
  • Process optimisation
  • Support and assistance with implementation measures