Our Team

The success of a company depends always on the people who work there.

Their cre­ativity, their com­mitment and their passion are the foun­dation, where new ideas and new con­cepts are built.

Our “Inter­Logger” are therefore the heart and the soul of the Company.

We rep­resent effi­ciency, flex­i­bility, and trans­parency

Eric Gastel InterLog Management

Eric Gastel

Senior Con­sultant Pro­fes­sional

CEO, man­agement of oper­a­tional project man­agement

Dennis Augustin InterLog Management

Dennis Augustin

Senior Con­sultant Pro­fes­sional

Man­aging Director, Man­agement Back­office

Markus Lanz InterLog Management

Markus Lanz

Senior Con­sultant Pro­fes­sional

Man­aging Director, Head of Sales Inter.

Matthias Graber InterLog Management

Matthias Graber

Con­sultant / Project Manager

“To be able to provide the full service for cus­tomers, you need a team in the back­ground that pro­vides a good envi­ronment and creates the right con­di­tions. InterLog offers me this environ-ment every day anew”.

Jan Steinegger InterLog Management

Jan Steinegger

Con­sultant / Project Manager

“InterLog rep­re­sents trans­parency along the project han­dling. Our project man­agement-tool pro-vides the cus­tomer with an up-to-date project overview at any time and thus facil­i­tates the cus-tomer’s internal project man­agement.”

Christian Lang InterLog Management

Christian Lang

Con­sultant / Project Manager

“For me, InterLog stands for open, objective, and honest com­mu­ni­cation, as well as cus­tomer & solution-ori­ented action. We create prag­matic, reliable and suc­cessful solu­tions that bring meas-urable success”.

Isabel Keddi InterLog Management

Isabel Keddi

Junior Con­sultant / Junior Project Manager

“For me, InterLog stands for mutual trust within the team, goal-ori­ented coop­er­ation with our cus-tomers as well as entre­pre­neurial thinking and acting on all levels.”

Georg große Beilage InterLog Management

Georg große Beilage

Junior Con­sultant / Junior Project Manager

“InterLog rep­resent first-class and indi­vidual cus­tomer service. Due to the variety of project con-tents I can con­tin­u­ously develop myself in a chal­lenging envi­ronment”.

Lucas Stock InterLog Management

Lucas Stock

Project Assistant

“For me, InterLog stands for cus­tomer ori­en­tation. Our cus­tomers are the impulse behind our company. Our goal is to fulfill the expec­ta­tions of each cus­tomer in the best pos­sible way.”

Kristin Dittmar InterLog Management

Kristin Dittmar

Man­agement Assistant / HRM

“For me, Interlog stands for com­munity and reli­a­bility. Training and further edu­cation oppor­tu­nities enable me to achieve my career goals.”

Janina Frucht InterLog Management

Janina Frucht

Admin­is­tration & Finance

“For me, InterLog stands for teamwork, I know that I can count on our team. That is one of the reasons why I like working at InterLog Man­agement.”

Melissa Brinkhoff InterLog Management

Melissa Brinkhoff


“For me, InterLog stands for a familiar sense of com­munity, as we pursue common goals as a team and always meet at eye level”.