InterLog Man­agement stands for
Prac­tical ori­en­tation, know-how, high lead­ership com­pe­tence and project responsibility

InterLog Man­agement

The company was founded in 2009 by Eric Gastel. InterLog Man­agement offers con­sulting and project man­agement ser­vices from two loca­tions in Sursee (Switzerland) and Dortmund (Germany) mainly in Europe.  We’ve always been attached to impor­tance a solid cor­porate financing as a fun­da­mental pre­req­uisite for sus­tainable growth and our pro­fes­sional and com­petent cus­tomer con­sulting services. 

Cost opti­mized

Con­sulting is worth­while and doesn‘t have to be asso­ciated with high costs. Our solu­tions are prof­itable. The ROI-cal­cu­lation is part of our scope of services. 

Team of Experts

Our team of logistics experts con­tin­u­ously train and educate them­selves. So, we can always advise you with up-to-date knowledge. 

Solution ori­ented

We always work solution ori­ented. Together, we create logistics solu­tions which can be imple­mented in practice tai­lored to your company and needs. 

Our engagement — your benefit!

Your relief

We act as practice-ori­ented problem ana­lysts and con­se­quently also as problem solvers. Our goal is to actively support our cus­tomers in the analysis and solution of process problems or in the han­dling of projects within the scope of our con­sulting services.

Your gain in know-how

One of the central goals of InterLog Man­agement is to transfer know-how to the com­mis­sioning com­panies with the con­sulting ser­vices offered. Our clients’ employees are actively inte­grated into the devel­opment of con­cepts and their imple­men­tation, so that an effective transfer of know-how from InterLog Man­agement to the client can take place.

Our prac­tical relevance

Due to their career devel­opment, our employees have a very high prac­tical rel­e­vance. We work closely together with the employee respon­sible for the project and thus increase the prob­a­bility of project success and project satisfaction.

Our bottom-up principle

Con­trary to many methods, we use a bottom-up prin­ciple instead of a top-down prin­ciple. We identify our­selves with the assigned tasks, then we antic­ipate their impact on the employee base, classify the effects on the processes and operate from the dis­pos­itive to the strategic management.

Industry inde­pen­dence

Due our many years of expe­rience in all areas of the supply chain, we are able to operate in dif­ferent indus­tries. Whether in the field of trade, industry, pro­duction, chemical and phar­ma­ceu­tical or dis­tri­b­ution logistics, with InterLog Man­agement you have a trusted partner who always support you with expe­ri­enced knowledge.

“We are prag­mat­i­cally ori­ented ana­lysts who develop prac­tical solu­tions that lead to success”