Virtual online counselling
A new form of project support

Virtual reality in logistics consulting

We not only use “Virtual Reality” for the three-dimen­sional planning of logistics facil­ities, logistics systems and logistics buildings, but have also expanded our range of ser­vices in the virtual envi­ronment. With our virtual trade fair stand, we offer you the oppor­tunity to get to know our service port­folio in a virtual way and to interact with us. With the help of our 3D sim­u­lation software, we can vir­tually map your ware­house to scale in 3D. This opens up many inter­esting pos­si­bil­ities that you can put to valuable use for your logistics project. Learn more about our virtual offer. 

Virtual trade fair stand

Visit our virtual stand and learn more about us

Online trade fairs or even virtual trade fairs have arrived in the present — by necessity. In our own showroom, we would like to present our service port­folio to you vir­tually. At our virtual trade fair stand, you can move around freely and vir­tually at any time and find out about our ser­vices. For each service area you have a direct contact person whom you can contact at any time. 

Virtual ware­house tour

An inter­active camp expe­rience with dif­ferent perspectives

Con­ducting virtual ware­house tours will become increas­ingly pow­erful and offers unlimited pos­si­bil­ities. We map your ware­house to scale in 3D and thus provide an inter­active ware­house expe­rience. You can move freely within your virtual ware­house and thus expe­rience your ware­house from every per­spective, invite sup­pliers or cus­tomers, dig­i­tally control projects and project teams or even conduct training and onboarding. 

Your Virtual Ware­house in 3D

We create your virtual ware­house to scale in 3D and thus offer you an inter­active ware­house expe­rience. You can move freely within your virtual ware­house and thus expe­rience your ware­house from every per­spective. Through numerous pos­si­bil­ities such as the inte­gration of videos, forms, PDF files and many other func­tions at concise places and loca­tions within your ware­house, you expand your virtual ware­house and make it a mul­ti­media experience. 

Use the pos­si­bil­ities of a virtual warehouse


Through com­puter-based virtual reality, buildings, struc­tures and processes can be developed more effi­ciently with the tech­nology. Project teams can use the virtual ware­house as a basis for team meetings and for overall planning. Virtual process flows, gripping spaces and walkways can be checked and tested. 


Are you planning to mod­ernise your ware­house and equip it with new ware­house tech­nology or systems? You can now conduct virtual ware­house tours with sup­pliers. Ani­mated material flow, dimen­sions and posi­tioning of the racking rows can be explained clearly in this way and adjusted down to the smallest detail. 


The 3D ware­house model created can be pre­sented to other project man­agers for review and handed over to the exe­cuting con­struction company for real­i­sation. In addition, the overall model can be reused for further planning and later exe­cution and main­te­nance work. 


The inter­active and intu­itive envi­ron­ments are inter­esting and increase the employees’ will­ingness to learn. Employees can be trained for new logistics systems or taught for existing systems without dis­rupting oper­a­tions. Starting work in the physical envi­ronment is faster and smoother as a result.