Col­le­giality and strong coop­er­ation char­ac­terize us

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Career at InterLog Management

Uncom­pli­cated, indi­vidual, high flexibility

Start your career together with us. We use the advan­tages of our small team for our cus­tomers: Uncom­pli­cated processes, short infor­mation paths, high flex­i­bility as well as openness and trans­parency in a familiar working atmos­phere enable us to work indi­vid­ually with our cus­tomers on the basis of grown com­pe­tence and expe­rience. Through our special team com­po­sition of young and expe­ri­enced employees as well as our openness for new things, we help inno­v­ative talents to profit from the many years of expe­rience of our employees and also to combine already existing expe­ri­ences with new modern per­spec­tives. We firmly believe in the strength and inspi­ration of teamwork both inter­nally and together with our clients.

The com­bi­nation of indi­vidual trainings and back­grounds pro­vides the right mix for the dif­ferent needs of our projects and clients to find prac­tical and mean­ingful solutions.

What you can expect from us

Team work

Col­le­giality and a strong sense of togeth­erness are very important to us — and are what makes us stand out. This includes open doors at all times and our Duz culture! Our flat hier­ar­chies make it pos­sible for us to meet at eye level at all times.

ILM Academy — Campus

The training and further edu­cation program includes spe­cialist training including cer­ti­fi­cation, project man­agement training, work­shops, e‑learning and much more.

Cor­porate Culture

Flat hier­ar­chies, cre­ative freedom, modern employment con­di­tions and flexible working hours enable a “healthy” work-life balance.

Career at InterLog

With our career plan, which is indi­vid­ually designed for each employee, each employee deter­mines his or her own path. Their own per­for­mance and skills are indi­vid­ually promoted.

A good start

With our sophis­ti­cated onboarding and men­toring concept, new employees are pro­fes­sionally and reliably trained.

Attractive loca­tions

Working in the heart of the Ruhr area or near the Swiss Alps — what could be better?


Through our regular employee events, we are con­stantly devel­oping our­selves per­sonally and with each other — we don’t just pull together in everyday work!


Company pension scheme, private employer-financed health insurance, vacation model 30+, fre­quent traveler offer, attractive employee events and much more.

Show pio­neering spirit

Working today with the logistics trends of tomorrow — our approach: virtual reality in logistics consulting!

Modern work

Our offices invite you to work through their modern and pro­fes­sional infra­structure with ergonomic work­sta­tions and the latest office applications.

To the job market 

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Career with InterLog Man­agement? We look forward to getting to know you! Apply You are welcome to respond to one of our job adver­tise­ments or you are glad to send us an unso­licited appli­cation. Then send us your appli­cation doc­u­ments including salary expec­ta­tions and pos­sible starting date by e‑mail to:

The career path at InterLog Management

Ques­tions and answers about the career

You will be valued as a full team member from the first day of work. Your opinion is important to us and is highly valued. You will be involved in practice and thus in cus­tomer projects quite quickly, so that you can take on respon­si­bility. Col­le­giality and strong teamwork are very important to us. Ergonomic work­sta­tions and the latest office appli­ca­tions con­tribute to a modern and pro­fes­sional infra­structure. We work exclu­sively dig­i­tally and are therefore future-oriented.

Depending on your current qual­i­fi­ca­tions and expe­rience, we will make a joint clas­si­fi­cation. If you would like to go the way of a logistics con­sultant / con­sultant, we have the career levels: Project Assistant, Junior Con­sultant, Con­sultant, Senior Con­sultant and Senior Con­sultant Professional

The dif­fer­ences within the career levels lie in the general project and cus­tomer respon­si­bility as well as in the scope of duties. The higher the career level, the more respon­si­bility and the larger the scope of duties. Regardless of the career level, our con­sul­tants are pro­vided at all times by an expe­ri­enced Senior Con­sultant Pro­fes­sional / Mandate Manager.

We involve our employees quite quickly in practice and thus in cus­tomer projects. The inde­pendent han­dling of project tasks, but also the man­agement / control of sub-projects enables a fast build-up of knowledge and expe­rience. Internal as well as external trainings are also part of the career plan. Usually there are about 2–3 years between the indi­vidual career stages, depending of course on per­sonal ini­tiative and moti­vation. Our aim is to develop the employee both per­sonally and pro­fes­sionally, and together to reach the maximum career level at InterLog Management.

As is well known, one does not talk about salary. Nev­er­theless, it is important to us that we reward good work and per­for­mance. We have created a uniform salary model, which develops according to the indi­vidual career levels. In addition, we offer great ben­efits, such as: company pension plan, private employer-financed health insurance, 30+ vacation model, fre­quent traveler offer, attractive employee events and much more.