Pro­ject­man­agement Office

Our PMO relieves your admin­is­tration and project control

Project man­agement processes and struc­tures — optimize or redesign

Our PMO develops suitable project man­agement processes and struc­tures and takes over the coaching and intro­duction of your employees. We com­plete your project man­agement and offer you effective project support, espe­cially in the areas of com­pre­hensive project orga­ni­zation, struc­turing, con­trolling, mon­i­toring and project man­agement. We under­stand “PMO” as part of the project team who does the orga­ni­za­tional and coor­di­nating tasks within a project. 

Our ser­vices

  • Methodical man­agement, control, and coor­di­nation of your project, always in close coop­er­ation with your project manager and the project team. In doing so, we ensure a con­sistent project structuring
  • Ensure that defined project dead­lines, mile­stones, goals, and risks are con­tin­u­ously monitored.
  • Develop uniform project tem­plates, so that project data can be con­sol­i­dated con­sis­tently for management
  • Prepa­ration of project status and results so that they can be presented

Your ben­efits

  • Relieve for your project man­agers and the project team, who can spend more time and energy on important tech­nical project tasks
  • Cen­tralized project doc­u­men­tation and com­mu­ni­cation and thereby improved com­mu­ni­cation inter­nally or even across projects
  • Uniform working methods within the project team (methods and tools)
  • Effi­cient and trans­parent project management
  • In the case of cross-project activ­ities, the PMO can merge the various project infor­mation at a higher level, to prepare it and make it available at any time
  • Effective, appro­priate, timely and cost-effective project management

Tai­lored to your indi­vidual project needs, we offer the fol­lowing PMO levels:

Together with you, we develop the appro­priate project struc­tures, provide oper­a­tional and admin­is­trative support throughout the project and also take over release, test and bug man­agement. You can choose our service packages sep­a­rately or in combination. 

Level 1
Admin­is­trative Support

  • Collect and maintain project data
  • Project plans and reports
create, dis­tribute, maintain, document 
  • Mon­i­toring of project deadlines
  • Create other project documents
  • Doc­ument templates
create, update, manage 
  • Meeting orga­ni­zation
  • Write, dis­tribute, and doc­ument meeting minutes
  • Travel bookings

Level 2
Project Management/ control methodology

  • Struc­turing and/or further devel­opment of PM processes and methods in projects:
  • Recording, doc­u­menting, and mon­i­toring project goals
  • Risk‑, and Stake­holder Management
  • Com­mu­ni­cation and reporting
  • Project doc­u­men­tation
  • Change-Man­agement
  • Lessons Learned
  • Cre­ation of a project handbook
  • Active control of all project tasks
  • Devel­opment of suitable doc­ument templates
  • Project man­agement coaching for project members
  • Mod­er­ation of project meetings

Level 3
Test and Release management

  • Doc­u­men­tation of all releases
  • Record and track all test cases and bugs
  • Active control from tasks to be com­pleted by the respon­sible persons
  • Cre­ation of status reports and prepa­ration of graphics