Logistics and and ware­house planning

Process opti­mization, ware­house layout planning, ware­house automation

Logistics and and ware­house planning

Analysis, opti­mization and implementation 

Logistics and ware­house planning (intral­o­gistics) offers numerous opti­mization poten­tials like hardly any other area, since the internal flow of mate­rials and infor­mation logistics can be con­tin­u­ously opti­mized by means of inno­v­ative tech­nologies and modern concepts.

Within logistics and ware­house planning we deal with the planning and opti­mization of the ware­house orga­ni­zation, the ware­house and transport tech­nology, the storage units to be stored and the entire ware­house layout.

We offer future-proof and sus­tainable solu­tions within logistics and ware­house planning, char­ac­terized by inno­vation and business effi­ciency. To this end, we work with you to examine the entire intral­o­gistic processes and systems of your company. In logistics and ware­house planning, we analyze every process step for poten­tials and weak points. In doing so, we show you in a trans­parent and com­pre­hen­sible way where and how your processes can be improved. Together we plan and optimize your ware­house and ware­house logistics. You will be accom­panied by us in every step of the potential imple­men­tation process.

Our con­sulting focus in logistics and ware­house planning

Process optimization 

Process opti­mization reduces logistics costs while increasing quality and output 
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Material flow planning 

With material flow opti­mization you lay the foun­dation for effi­cient logistics with us 
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Ware­house layout planning 

The correct selection and arrangement of your storage equipment and material flow planning are decisive factors for fast delivery 
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Inventory optimization 

We achieve the maximum process opti­mization in your inventory management 
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The use of automation tech­nology opti­mizes your throughput time, throughput quantity and delivery readiness 
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Ware­house modernization 

Mod­ernisieren Sie Ihre Lager­systeme rechtzeitig, um zukunfts- und wet­tbe­werb­s­fähig zu bleiben. 
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Process opti­mization in logistics and ware­house planning 

Today, the effi­ciency and effec­tiveness of the company’s own processes is becoming more and more rel­evant for com­panies. Espe­cially in the field of logistics, the focus is on the triggers effi­ciency and effec­tiveness of processes in order to reduce costs while improving the quality of work. In addition to the triggers men­tioned, the dig­i­tal­ization and automation of processes play a decisive role in process opti­mization. Many com­panies want to use process opti­mization to evaluate the potential in these areas. 

Goals of process optimization 

The goal of process opti­mization in logistics and ware­house planning is to identify potential and to assign appro­priate mea­sures to this potential. The fol­lowing goals are pursued with the imple­men­tation in logistics:

Sequence of process optimization 

Before processes within logistics and ware­house planning can be opti­mized, they must first be col­lected. Our process potential analysis forms the basis for this. After­wards, the defined mea­sures are imple­mented in a further phase in “process tuning”, fol­lowing pri­or­i­ti­zation. A dis­tinction is made between the opti­mization of physical and sys­temic processes. The result of the opti­mization of the sys­temic processes is the homog­e­nization of the physical and sys­temic processes.

The process potential analysis includes the fol­lowing procedure:

1. Process recording on site 

Our con­sul­tants carry out an objective assessment of the current sit­u­ation on site. All logistics processes are examined and surveys / inter­views are con­ducted with the rel­evant employees. The process recording takes place during ongoing oper­a­tions, directly in the warehouse. 

2. Eval­u­ation process recording 

The poten­tials taken up are clus­tered and eval­uated. Within the eval­u­ation, the effort and benefit per potential is also com­pared. This pro­cedure allows quick wins for the processes to be fil­tered out. This com­parison also facil­i­tates the pri­or­i­ti­zation of measures. 

3. Potential verification 

The eval­uated poten­tials are ver­ified in the “Potential Ver­i­fi­cation” with the cor­re­sponding contact persons from logistics. If nec­essary, adjust­ments are made to the poten­tials and calculations. 

4. Def­i­n­ition of measures 

In the “Doc­u­men­tation and def­i­n­ition of mea­sures”, mea­sures for the imple­men­tation of process opti­miza­tions are developed and pri­or­i­tized for the ver­ified poten­tials. In addition, the results for the final phase are visualized. 

5. Pre­sen­tation of results 

The results are pre­sented in the presence of all respon­sible persons. 

6. Start process optimization 

Within the framework of the process potential analysis, both physical and sys­temic poten­tials are iden­tified and goals are defined. In order to achieve the goals it is important to pri­or­itize all poten­tials as well as the imple­men­tation time and allo­cation of resources and respon­si­bil­ities. On this basis, an overall project plan including mile­stones is created and monitored. 

Goods & material flow planning 

Whether internal resource con­ser­vation, min­i­mizing inventory levels or opti­mizing throughput times within the logistics processes — we accompany you as part of the effi­cient material flow planning

Within the material flow planning, our mission is to con­tribute through rational design of sub-processes receiving, testing, storage and goods issue for opti­mizing your material eco­nomic costs. Storage and transport processes are to be seen in a close con­nection with pro­duction processes, oper­ating resources and site conditions..

The use of transport and con­veying aids are our starting points for cost savings in material flow opti­mization in par­ticular . In par­ticular, the use of con­veyor tech­nology, dri­verless transport systems and storage and retrieval machines accel­erate your goods han­dling in the transport chain and facil­itate the auto­mated design of your internal storage and con­veyor processes.

We support you in finding the right measure for changes and uncov­ering unused potential.

Material flow planning

Optimize your flow of goods and mate­rials  include your needs and future market requirements

Ware­house layout planning builds the foundation

Ware­house layout planning is the first step in designing a ware­house. Therefore, the ware­house layout should be well thought out and created. Sub­se­quent adjust­ments are very complex and cost-intensive. When planning the ware­house layout, it is always important to opti­mally divide the space in the warehouse.

With our expertise in logistics and ware­house planning, we design your ware­house, regardless of whether it is a newly built, existing or expanded ware­house, according to the fol­lowing criteria:

  • optimal use of space
  • low han­dling of goods
  • easy access to stored goods
  • highest turnover rate
  • maximum flex­i­bility in product placement
  • simple control of the stored goods quantities

With our 3D planning software we create a virtual ware­house layout for you. The ware­house layout includes the floor plan, the entire storage cubature, the storage area, the working and han­dling areas as well as the traffic areas.

In our ware­house layout planning, we can directly inte­grate the ware­house equipment (shelf rack storage, pallet rack storage, flow rack storage, block storage, small parts storage, etc.) as well as the transport systems (indus­trial trucks, AGVs, con­veyor systems) so that you have a com­pre­hensive overall view of your warehouse.

Inventory opti­mization

Despite dynamic com­pet­itive sit­u­a­tions and ever shorter product life cycles, do you want your company to be extremely flexible in meeting your cus­tomer needs ?

We  analyze your inventory man­agement. The focus isn’t pri­marily on absolute inventory reduction, it‘s on achieving your optimum inventory level, adapt to your indi­vidual range of articles.

Opti­mized inventory man­agement promises con­sid­erable potential for finding the balance between cost reduction and high delivery capability.

The inventory opti­mization directly affects your company’s success !

The top pri­ority remains the best pos­sible care of your internal and external cus­tomers along the entire supply chain, thus achieving a maximum service levels.

Take the chance! We accompany you in the project to position your target systems in an eco­nom­i­cally prof­itable cost size.

Inventory optimization

Poten­tials of an effective inventory analysis are:

Reduction in inven­tories due to reduced safety stocks
~ 60%
Pro­cessing time reduction through coor­di­nated process costs
~ 50%
Increase Sales on market shares through responsive systems
~ 30%
Improved cos­tumer integration 
~ 55%

Ware­house automation & modernization

Increasing demands on logistics, logis­tical inno­va­tions such as the dig­i­tal­ization of processes and their automation are an important key to a suc­cessful future for your company.

It’s often not nec­essary to automate the entire ware­house, a par­tially auto­mated logistics solution can also bring the desired success. Also, any automation in the field of logistics requires an appro­priate IT system environment.

We test and evaluate the per­for­mance of your ware­house tech­nology and define the optimum lelvel of automation based on your article, order and per­for­mance figures.

Together we will work out a holistic, suitable solution with you. We are at your side, from concept devel­opment to accep­tance in day-to-day oper­a­tions. To do this we incor­porate the latest storage technologies.

Warehouse Automation

The use of automation tech­nology opti­mizes your  lead time, output quantity and readiness for delivery.

General planning for con­struction logistics

Inte­grated planning for con­struction, tech­nology, logistics and IT

As general logistics planner, we provide the com­plete coor­di­nation between logistics and con­struction. Our support will relieve you as a client. Therefore, you can con­cen­trate on your daily business. No matter whether your company is planning a new logistics building or opti­mizing existing loca­tions: we ensure a coor­di­nated planning and con­struction process


In the case of a new building, con­version or ware­house mod­ern­ization, the com­plexity of con­struction tasks and ware­house  tech­nologies increases more and more. As logistics experts and general planners, we are the optimal project partner with whom you can plan your con­struction project and implement your invest­ments with your budget.

We take full respon­si­bility for your logistics planning and con­struction design — all from one source.

Construction planning

Focus on your daily business. We take over the planning and control of your logistics con­struction project

Sup­plier & tender management

Writing tenders are usually very complex and take a long time to process. It can take several months from the planning of your project to the prepa­ration of the tender doc­u­ments, the selection of sup­pliers, the solic­i­tation and com­parison of sup­plier offers till the finally con­tract award.

You should take the time for this, because detailed elab­o­ration and accuracy in the processes is the foun­dation for success.

We relieve you and take over the com­plete sup­plier and tender management.

Through a neutral and objective sup­plier analysis, regard to the current market devel­op­ments and your company-spe­cific require­ments, the right sup­pliers will be identified.

In addition to your company-spe­cific factors, such as quality, price, delivery con­di­tions, terms of payment, delivery dates, delivery pos­si­bil­ities, guar­antee / goodwill, and the image of the sup­plier are important in the evaluation.

Through our stan­dardized sup­plier eval­u­ation method­ology, we analyse potential and existing sup­pliers in order to create a well-founded basis for your decision.


Our sup­plier man­agement refers to the planning, pro­curement and imple­men­tation of your ware­house hardware such as:

  • Shelving systems
  • Material Flow Technology
  • Con­veying technology
  • Pack­aging Technology
  • Transport tech­nology

We also assist you with the imple­men­tation of ware­house softwares.

Logistics Strategy In or Outsourcing

Neutral and objective sup­plier analysis and eval­u­ation — the optimal output counts

Logistics planning and ware­house planning

Ques­tions and answers about logistics and ware­house planning

After we have received the order for logistics and ware­house planning from you, an initial meeting will take place in the form of a workshop (on site) at your premises. There we will have an open dis­cussion about your logistic poten­tials. Where do you see an acute need for action, how must your logistics / ware­house be designed in a future-ori­ented way. Within the workshop, first solu­tions will be worked out together. In the concept phase, we will prepare the solu­tions in a well-founded way and present suitable variants to you using our 3D ware­house sim­u­lation software. The further detailed planning up to the imple­men­tation can also be done together with you.

Our goal is to show you process poten­tials that can be imple­mented quickly and with little effort. They require only a small and man­ageable effort to achieve a great effect. Fast imple­men­tation, great effect! Logistics solu­tions must be sus­tainable, future-ori­ented and profitable.

Yes, because we have built up a broad knowledge of logistics through many years of expe­rience in logistics planning / ware­house planning. We know the market require­ments and are con­stantly working on inno­v­ative logistics solu­tions that we can implement for you. We stand for neu­trality and objec­tivity. In addition, we relieve you and your employees so that you can con­cen­trate on your core business. We take over the sup­plier nego­ti­a­tions and achieve the best pos­sible price-per­for­mance ratio for you.

The investment costs nat­u­rally depend on the extent to which you reor­ganize your logistics and ware­house. Our planning includes a detailed cal­cu­lation of investment costs and return on investment. The ROI is based on a process potential analysis, which we carry out in advance. We align logistics facil­ities and logistics systems in a modern, future-ori­ented and eco­nom­i­cally prof­itable way.


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