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With our logistics check, we show you quick wins that can be imple­mented quickly and with little effort. They require only a small and man­ageable effort to achieve a big impact. Why can we offer the ser­vices at a fixed price? You benefit from the objective per­spective and prac­tical know-how of our man­agement. Thanks to our stan­dardised pro­cedure, we provide you with an analysis result in the shortest pos­sible time, including a con­crete rec­om­men­dation for action to implement your opti­mi­sation potential.

We live and breathe logistics and have been active in logistics con­sulting for over 10 years. We therefore have a very well-founded and prac­tical knowledge of logistics, which we bring to bear in a sus­tainable manner within our Quick Checks.

Automation check 

Is your logistics up to date? 
* Fixed price
  • Quick Check (1 day on-site check) 
  • Eval­u­ation of process consistency 
  • Eval­u­ation of system status 
  • Rec­om­men­dation for action / potentials 
  • Doc­u­men­tation of results and presentation 

Process check 

Are your logistics processes efficient? 
* Fixed price
  • Quick Check (1 day on-site check) 
  • Eval­u­ation of the logistics processes 
  • Rec­om­men­dation for action / potentials 
  • Cre­ating a rough 3D ware­house layout 
  • Doc­u­men­tation of results and presentation 

Logistics IT Check 

Is your ware­house man­agement system fit for the future? 
* Fixed price
  • Quick Check (1 day on-site check) 
  • Eval­u­ation process infor­mation flow 
  • Eval­u­ation of the state of logistics IT 
  • Rec­om­men­dation for action / potentials 
  • Doc­u­men­tation of results and presentation 

Choose the best package for your logistics check

Is your logistics dynamic and pow­erful enough to meet the growing market demands? With our process check, we give you an overview of your process weak­nesses. Indi­vid­ually tai­lored to your logistics processes, we show you poten­tials on how to streamline and optimise your processes through the appro­priate use of automation & digitalisation.

Are your logistics facil­ities getting on in years or would you like to find out about the latest trends and inno­va­tions within automation and dig­i­tal­i­sation? Then our automation check is exactly what you need. Ageing logistics systems do not always have to be replaced straight away. Often a retrofit, i.e. a system mod­erni­sation, is suf­fi­cient to inte­grate new tech­nologies and establish mod­ified processes. We check your facil­ities and systems for con­dition and process consistency.
Have your process require­ments changed? Are you unsure whether your existing ware­house man­agement system is still the right one or whether it can map your new processes? Our logistics IT check pro­vides you with an initial overview of pos­sible change potential. We evaluate the con­dition as well as the process infor­mation flow of your logistics IT in order to determine poten­tials and rec­om­men­da­tions for action.

Benefit from our com­pre­hensive logistics know-how. Please do not hes­itate to contact us directly.

Our estab­lished pro­cedure within the logistics checks

Regardless of which logistics check you choose, within our project man­agement we act according to uniform and proven stan­dards in order to be able to achieve the best result for you.

Phase I: On-site check

To examine your current sit­u­ation, we carry out an on-site appointment including a ware­house inspection.

Phase II: Target plan

There is an open dis­cussion about your logis­tical problems and your target project.

Phase III: Pro­posed solutions

During the on-site check, initial ideas / rough pro­posals for solu­tions are developed together with you.

Phase IV: Data basis

The required data and doc­u­men­tation are iden­tified — these form the basis for the rec­om­men­dation for action.

Phase V: Rec­om­men­dation for action

Based on the data and infor­mation obtained, we prepare a rec­om­men­dation for action including an opti­mi­sation catalogue.

Phase VI: Pre­sen­tation of results

We present the results and rec­om­men­da­tions to you. In the context of your logistics, we show trends and innovations.

Who per­forms the logistics check?

One of our three proven logistics spe­cialists will advise you per­sonally and carry out the logistics check with you. He will be sup­ported by a con­sultant assistant for the ACTUAL recording and prepa­ration of the doc­u­men­tation and results.

If you have any ques­tions about the indi­vidual logistics checks, please feel free to contact our man­agement directly.



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