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WMS imple­men­tation, real­ization and acceptance

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The imple­men­tation of a Ware­house Man­agement System (WMS) or also Ware­house Man­agement System (WMS) is a very complex and time-con­suming project. The WMS imple­men­tation will require quite a large impact on your logistics and your daily business. Therefore, detailed planning and pro­vision of human resources during the entire imple­men­tation period is very important. Daily business and project business compete in time. The imple­men­tation of new strategies, struc­tures, systems, processes or behaviors require far-reaching changes within an orga­ni­zation. Your company and your employees should be pre­pared in time for your new activ­ities, tasks and processes. Often this topic is con­sidered rel­a­tively late in the project.

We provide you from the prepa­ration, through the imple­men­tation to the start of oper­ation of your ware­house man­agement software to guar­antee a smooth tran­sition of GoLive. For this purpose we can actively control the spec­i­fi­cation phase and conduct sup­plier meetings. To ensure the perfect software quality, we create the doc­u­men­tation for system tests, which are planned and coor­di­nated by us. System tests are defined by the system provider itself, but also together with you as a cus­tomer, in order to fully incor­porate your future goals.

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The way to secure WMS implementation

1. pro­viding support during the require­ments spec­i­fi­cation phase

The cre­ation of the requirement spec­i­fi­cation forms the basis of all activ­ities and func­tions of the ware­house man­agement software to be intro­duced. In the requirement spec­i­fi­cation it is deter­mined how the defaults of the requirement spec­i­fi­cation are to be con­verted. The requirement spec­i­fi­cation is an integral part of the con­tract between you and the system sup­plier. We actively support you in the phase and take part in the requirement spec­i­fi­cation workshops.

2. imple­men­tation planning

During the imple­men­tation planning phase, we work with you to create a detailed schedule for the software imple­men­tation. When planning the schedule, we con­sider the available resources and the budget. There will be a lively exchange with you and the system sup­plier to coor­dinate the schedule. Expe­rience has shown that the fol­lowing phases are part of the schedule: Concept planning (prepa­ration of func­tional spec­i­fi­ca­tions), real­ization and imple­men­tation of the software, training of employees, prepa­ration and exe­cution of system tests, prepa­ration for com­mis­sioning, GoLive and Hypercare phase. We control and monitor the entire schedule during the entire WMS implementation.

3. real­ization and implementation

In this phase all func­tions and con­fig­u­ra­tions of the ware­house man­agement software are realized by the system provider. Usually a first imple­men­tation on a test system is carried out. Master data and other ware­house data are trans­ferred from the existing system to the test system. This data migration requires a close exam­i­nation, since this data is the basic framework for the software. In addition, the required inter­faces of the system are created. This is nec­essary so that the new ware­house man­agement system does not rep­resent an iso­lated solution, but is seam­lessly inte­grated into the existing IT infra­structure and thus opti­mizes processes in the long term.

4. Imple­men­tation

An important com­ponent for ensuring the function and per­for­mance of the planned systems is com­pre­hensive and holistic testing — from process and inte­gration tests to accep­tance and live tests. We take over the com­plete test man­agement for you and plan the nec­essary system tests based on your processes. Together with you, we draw up the test plans, coor­dinate the cor­re­sponding sprints with your test team and thus ensure a secure logistics software intro­duction. We also provide the nec­essary infra­structure and test man­agement platform for a suc­cessful implementation.

5. Go Live

The go-live phase in WMS imple­men­tation is asso­ciated with some risks. However, the risks can be min­i­mized by good prepa­ration and suf­fi­cient system tests. We structure and plan the entire go-live with you. Fol­lowing a suc­cessful go-live of the ware­house man­agement system, we are happy to support you in the Hypercare phase and identify bugs and potential in the ware­house man­agement software in order to sta­bilize it in the long term.

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We reduce risks through struc­tured WMS planning with extensive system tests

A suc­cessful WMS imple­men­tation requires a com­plete test management