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Agile and effi­cient testing with JIRA

Pro­fes­sional test man­agement for a suc­cessful software implementation

Pro­fes­sional test man­agement is essential to ensure the func­tion­ality and per­for­mance of newly planned software.

The imple­men­tation of new systems often poses intensive chal­lenges for com­panies in industry and service. Within the framework of imple­men­tation processes, diverse require­ments and potential inter­ac­tions must be taken into account.

Com­pre­hensive and holistic testing is nec­essary. The required know-how and the nec­essary infra­structure rep­resent a large part of the basic con­di­tions for a suc­cessful imple­men­tation. However, building up the required com­pe­tencies and the nec­essary struc­tures usually involves con­sid­erable per­sonnel and cost expen­diture, which is often shied away from.

We carry out software and system tests within the scope of software imple­men­ta­tions with great success. In addition to state-of-the-art methods, we also use proven inter­active tools.

The basis for the tests is the test man­agement platform JIRA which we operate. The platform offers a proven basis for agile and effi­cient testing. The structure of the platform and its use by our team is based on the SCRUM method­ology. This keeps the admin­is­trative effort to support testing low. Our cus­tomer receives free access to the platform operated by us to perform the required tests.

Service offers

The range of service extends from the pro­vision of the platform to the support of the customer’s project man­agement to the com­plete takeover of test man­agement. Also including oper­a­tional test activities.

The support period doesn’t end with the intro­duction of the accepted system. But it can extend beyond the imple­men­tation date, so InterLog Man­agement can also provide support during the sub­se­quent sta­bi­lization phase of the system.

We offer a service package tailor-made to your needs:

Service package 1
Test Man­agement (full)

  • Leading a test man­agement project by InterLog Management
  • Test activ­ities are planned and exe­cuted by ILM employees
  • On-site man­agement and coordination

Service package 2

  • Support of the customer’s project management
  • Setup of the test environment
  • Support of Test, — planning, mon­i­toring and reporting
  • Regular appoint­ments for on-site coor­di­nation, remote support

Service package 3

  • Devel­opment and oper­ation of the test man­agement platform
  • Admin­is­tration
  • Remote support

Which service package ensures maximum security?

We would be glad to make you an indi­vidual offer

Focus on your daily business – we take over the com­plete test man­agement for your software introduction 

Take advantage of all ben­efits by working with InterLog Management:

  • With our support and with the help of JIRA, the entire team is pro­vided with all rel­evant infor­mation on the project progress and the achievement of goals in a pre­pared form using clearly defined inter­faces. As part of the coop­er­ation with us, you benefit from the expe­rience of our test man­agement team and the pro­vision of a proven and suf­fi­cient basis for car­rying out software, system and process tests.
  • We train your users and thus ensure a transfer of know-how and the training of important skills in system knowledge.
  • Working with us sig­nif­i­cantly reduces the effort required to set up a test support envi­ronment, since existing struc­tures and skills can be used. The structure and scope of the effort are pre­sented openly and transparently.

High trans­parency and inter­action within the project and test team 

Interaction Testmanagement

Advan­tages of JIRA

  • JIRA is a cloud-based software to support devel­opment tasks (software, systems, processes etc.)
  • The tool is used for active support of tests and asso­ciated documentation
  • Test spec­i­fi­ca­tions are com­pletely pre­pared and managed for the testers trough JIRA
  • The setup of the platform will be done by InterLog Management
  • Each member of the test team gets his own access
  • The project’s own dash­board is used for mon­i­toring and for an overview of the pro­cessing status of the software tests