Logistics con­sulting

Analysis, planning & imple­men­tation of your strategy and oper­a­tional logistics

Logistics con­sulting with effi­cient logistics solutions 

As a logistics spe­cialist with many years of expe­rience in logistics con­sulting and ware­house planning, we support and advise our cus­tomers in their logistics and supply chain envi­ronment. Your logistics strategy is the foun­dation of all your future solu­tions, espe­cially the supply chain that is tai­lored to your needs. Together with you we develop or expand your strategy in a future-proof and eco­nom­i­cally effi­cient way. As soon as the foun­dation has been laid, we are at your side as a partner for all further chal­lenges within logistics — starting with ware­house automation or ware­house mod­ern­ization, goods & material flow planning, inventory opti­mization or the opti­mization of your entire supply chain.

Our focal points in logistics consulting

Logistics strategy consulting 

In strategic logistics con­sulting, we advise you in the areas of supply chain man­agement, dig­i­tal­ization, new con­struction planning (green field), con­version planning, plant mod­ern­ization during oper­ation, plant structure planning, in-/ outsourcing. 
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Logistics & Ware­house Planning 

Our areas of expertise within oper­a­tional logistics con­sulting are process opti­mization, material flow opti­mization, ware­house planning, ware­housing and inventory opti­mization, ware­house automation or ware­house mod­ern­ization, 3D ware­house planning. 
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Our per­for­mance promise

Tan­gible and prac­tical solutions

As com­petent and reliable logistics con­sul­tants, we offer prac­tical, tan­gible logistics con­cepts and sus­tainable solu­tions. Use our 3D ware­house sim­u­lation tool to see in advance how our developed logistics solution will work and look in your practice. With Virtual Reality in logistics con­sulting we pursue an inno­v­ative con­sulting approach. This allows you to move in your new logistics world even before the effective con­struction of your logistics building and/or before the redesign of your intralogistics.

Support at any time and in all project phases

In your project, you as the cus­tomer decide when and in which phase you need support. We adapt to your respective project phase. If you already have results from initial logistics analyses, pre­lim­inary projects or studies, we will build on these and provide you with support during the next project phases until the end of imple­men­tation. If you would like to have your own opti­mization poten­tials checked for plau­si­bility or start your already planned logistics project, we will support you right at the beginning — you decide from which point on we will be at your side as your partner

Sus­tainable logistics solutions

Our goal is to work together with our cus­tomers to achieve the optimal balance between per­for­mance and financial expen­diture, while at the same time aligning logistics and logis­tical processes for the future.

Quickly real­izable potentials

With our process potential analysis, we show our cus­tomers process poten­tials (quick wins) in their logistics within a short time, which can be imple­mented quickly and cost-opti­mized with little effort.

Is your logistics dynamic and effi­cient enough?

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Industry Inde­pen­dence and discretion

Our cus­tomers come from dif­ferent areas of logistics. Thanks to our many years of expe­rience in con­sulting, we cover a wide range of indus­tries within logistics.

Whether in the area of trade, industry, pro­duction, chemical and phar­ma­ceu­tical or dis­tri­b­ution logistics, with InterLog Man­agement you have a reliable logistics con­sultant with many years of expe­rience at your side, who can always support you unbound with expe­ri­enced knowledge.

Our con­sulting sectors at a glance:

Chemical, phar­ma­ceu­tical, health and food 

The pro­duction, ware­housing and transport of goods in the phar­ma­ceu­tical, chemical, health care or food industry require inter­na­tional guide­lines. It is a matter of course for us to handle projects in com­pliance with GMP or GDP. We are at your side as a com­petent partner. Renowned com­panies are among our customers. 

Trade (wholesale and retail, online) 

Due to demo­graphic change, the Internet gen­er­ation will con­tinue to grow and with it the multi-channel usage of each indi­vidual cus­tomer. As a result, pro­cessing and thus also logistics must become faster, more flexible and more trans­parent. We bring the cor­re­sponding know-how from various retail sectors. 

Pro­duction & Pro­duction Logistics 

Pro­duction must per­ma­nently con­cen­trate on its core task — pro­ducing. To ensure this, the supply and removal of goods must be opti­mally planned, con­trolled and exe­cuted — a task of pro­duction logistics. Con­stant market changes / fluc­tu­a­tions have a sig­nif­icant influence on pro­duction logistics. We are your partner to adapt your pro­duction logistics processes to current market movements. 

General services 

In recent years, the service sector has steadily gained in impor­tance. We can fall back on expe­ri­ences from dif­ferent areas. These include, among others Public service, con­struction industry, ser­vices in the fields of tex­tiles, washing plants, pump tech­nology and building automation. 

Transport logistics 

Transport logistics is increas­ingly devel­oping in the age of dig­i­tal­ization. Based on the term Industry 4.0, tech­nologies / IT systems are used for the improved control and opti­mization of internal and external transport. No matter if paperless order orga­ni­zation, route planning or autonomous han­dling systems: We make you fit for digital transport logistics on rail and road. 

Dis­posal Logistics & Recycling 

Dis­posal logistics is highly rel­evant for the smooth running of the overall logistics. Legal require­ments can change and pro­duction processes designed for the future will require new dis­posal solu­tions. The variety of tasks in waste dis­posal logistics will therefore probably increase rather than decrease in the future. We are glad to support you in opti­mizing your dis­posal processes. 

Flexible and com­petent logistics consulting

Logistics con­sulting with high flexibility

Uncom­pli­cated processes, short infor­mation paths, high flex­i­bility as well as openness and trans­parency in a familiar working atmos­phere enable us to work together with our cus­tomers on an indi­vidual basis.

Logistics is pure dynamics, tech­nologies are con­stantly changing. Therefore, our logistics con­sul­tants are con­tin­u­ously training them­selves. We are building up our team in a future-ori­ented way in order to be able to con­tinue to offer a high standard of service within the con­sulting in case of increased demand and con­tinuous expansion of our net­works in Switzerland, Germany and also in Austria.

Team of expe­ri­enced logistics consultants

Our con­sulting, con­sisting of practice-ori­ented logistics con­sul­tants, is indi­vid­ually com­piled for you with the optimal qual­i­fi­ca­tions and experience.

Project success and cus­tomer sat­is­faction are our top pri­ority. As a cus­tomer-ori­ented con­sulting company, we focus on mea­surable project goals (results, adherence to schedules, budget) and try to meet the needs of each indi­vidual through active stake­holder man­agement. The inter­ac­tions between our cus­tomers and our logistics con­sul­tants determine whether a project is suc­cessful and the goals are achieved.


Our cus­tomers are our reference

Logistics con­sulting

Ques­tions and answers about logistics consulting 

After your inquiry we will contact you and arrange a free appointment. Based on your needs / your project, we can already discuss rough ideas and sug­ges­tions during the initial meeting. Ideally, we can get a first rough overview of your logistics by a tour of the ware­house. Within a short period of time we will provide you with a non-binding offer, which is already worked out in great detail. You will receive an exact description of ser­vices, a rough time schedule and a cost cal­cu­lation. Now you decide about the assignment.

First of all, our primary goal is to fulfill your project order in time, cost and quality with highest sat­is­faction. However, it is also our duty to advise and support you with your project in advance. Logistics solu­tions must be sus­tainable, effi­cient and prof­itable — that is our goal.

The logistics strategy is the foun­dation of your logistics. How do you want to position your company in the market? What delivery speed can your sup­pliers offer and how can you influence them? How are your loca­tions, your network of sup­pliers and cus­tomers dis­tributed and how will the structure of your entire supply chain develop in the future? The answers to these ques­tions are crucial for the oper­a­tional alignment of your logistics and ware­house. We advise and support you in both strategic and oper­a­tional logistics.

Within our logistics con­sulting we often work with a cost ceiling
Within our logistics con­sulting we often work with a cost ceiling. Depending on how pre­cisely your goals and your project are defined, the more pre­cisely we can determine the costs of our logistics con­sulting for you. Our internal time recording tool enables us to provide very detailed billing. You get an exact overview of which ser­vices were pro­vided when, how long and by which con­sultant. We stand for full transparency!

External logistics con­sulting is very important from our point of view. Our cus­tomers come from dif­ferent areas of logistics. Due to our many years of expe­rience in con­sulting, we cover a wide range of indus­tries within logistics. We know the market and the sup­pliers, we are per­ma­nently engaged in inno­v­ative logistics solu­tions which we can implement for you. Neu­trality and objec­tivity are further important argu­ments. The view from the outside can protect you from oper­a­tional blindness. In addition, we relieve you and your employees so that you can con­cen­trate on your core business.

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