Con­sulting for intral­o­gistics, logistics planning and ware­house planning

Custom-made and future-proof logistics solu­tions and strategies

As  the spe­cialist for logistics con­sulting and ware­house planning, we support and counsel you in your ware­house- and transport logistics. Your logistics strategy is the foun­dation of all your future logistics solu­tions, espe­cially tai­lored to your supply chain . Together we will develop or expand your strategy in a future-proof and eco­nom­i­cally effi­cient way. As soon as the  basis has been laid, we are available for all other logis­tical chal­lenges aside  — starting with ware­house automation or ware­house mod­ern­ization, through goods & material flow planning to inventory opti­mization or the opti­mization of your entire supply chain.

Supply chain man­agement, dig­i­tal­ization, new con­struction planning, rebuilding planning, factory mod­ern­ization during oper­ation, factory structure planning, make or buy / out­sourcing — the right strategy leads to success.

Process opti­mization, logistics con­sulting, ware­house planning, ware­housing and inventory opti­mization, ware­house automation or ware­house mod­ern­ization, logistics planning with virtual reality – are our fields of expertise in intral­o­gistics.

Supply Chain Man­agement, Dig­i­tal­isierung, Neubau­planung, Umbau­planung, Anla­gen­mod­ernisierungen im laufenden Betrieb, Werksstruk­tur­planung, Make or buy / Out­sourcing – die richtige Strategie führt zum Erfolg.

Prozes­sop­ti­mierung, Lager­planung, Lager­haltung und Lagerbe­stand­sop­ti­mierung, Lager­automa­tisierung oder Lager­mod­ernisierung, Logis­tik­planung mit Virtual Reality – unsere Fachge­biete innerhalb der Intral­o­gistik.

Our per­for­mance promise

Tan­gible and prac­tical solu­tions

We stand for  practice-ori­ented and tan­gible logistics con­cepts.  Using our 3D ware­house sim­u­lation tool, you can see how our developed logistics solution will work and look in advance.

With virtual reality in logistics con­sulting, we are taking an inno­v­ative approach to con­sulting.. You can thus move in your new logistics world before the effective con­struction of your logistics building and / or before redesigning your intral­o­gistics.

Support at any time and in all project phases

In your project you decide when and at what stage you need support from us. We adapt our work to your  par­ticular project phase.  Do you already have results from initial ana­lyzes, pre­lim­inary projects or studies? This is how we build on this and accompany you within the next project phases up to the end of imple­men­tation. If you would like to have your own opti­mization potential checked for plau­si­bility or start your already planned project, we will support you right  from the start — You decide when we are at your side.

Sus­tainable and eco­nom­i­cally viable logistics solu­tions

With our process potential analysis, we can show you process poten­tials (quick wins) within a short time, which can be imple­mented quickly and cost-opti­mized with little effort.

Quickly real­izable poten­tials

With our process potential analysis, we can show you process poten­tials (quick wins) within a short time, which can be imple­mented quickly and cost-opti­mized with little effort.

Industry Inde­pen­dence and dis­cretion

With our years of expe­ri­ences in the supply chain we can operate in dif­ferent indus­tries.

Whether in the field of trade, industry, pro­duction, chemical and phar­ma­ceu­tical or dis­tri­b­ution logistics, with InterLog Man­agement you have a reliable partner at your side, who always inde­pen­dently sup­ports you with expe­ri­enced knowledge.

Logistikberatung für Chemie und Pharma

Chemical, phar­ma­ceu­tical, food industry

The pro­duction, storage and transport of goods in the phar­ma­ceu­tical, chemical or food industry require inter­na­tional guide­lines.  Of course, we are working on projects in accor­dance with GMP or GDP. We are at your side as a com­petent partner. Renowned com­panies are among our cus­tomers.

Logistikberatung für Handel

Trade (wholesale and retail, online)

Due to demo­graphic change, the Internet gen­er­ation will con­tinue to grow. And with it the multi-channel use of each indi­vidual cus­tomer. This has the con­se­quence that the pro­cessing and thus also the logistics must be faster, more flexible and more trans­parent.  . We bring the  suitable know-how from various retail sectors.

Logistikberatung für Produktion

Pro­duction / Pro­duction logistics

Pro­duction must  con­stantly con­cen­trate on a core task — pro­ducing. To ensure this, the supply and  dis­charge of goods must be opti­mally planned, con­trolled and carried out — a task of pro­duction logistics.  Con­tinous market changes / fluc­tu­a­tions have a  sig­nif­icant influence on pro­duction logistics. We are your contact partner to adapt your pro­duction logistics processes to current market  changes.

Logistikberatung für allgemeine Dienstleitung

General Ser­vices

In recent years, the service sector has steadily gained an impor­tance. We can fall back on expe­rience from dif­ferent areas. These include: Public service, con­struction industry, ser­vices in the fields of tex­tiles, washing-systems, pump-tech­nology and building automation.

Logistikberatung für Transport

Transport logistics (internal / external)

In the age of dig­i­tal­ization Transport logistics is increas­ingly devel­oping.. Based on the  concept Industry 4.0; tech­nologies / IT systems are used for the improved control and  opti­mization of internal and external transport. Whether paperless order  orga­ni­zation, route planning or autonomous han­dling systems: We make you fit for digital transport logistics on rail and road. And have already suc­cess­fully com­pleted projects in these areas.

Logistikberatung für Entsorgung

Dis­posal logistics & recy­cling

Dis­posal logistics are of great rel­e­vance for the smooth running of the overall logistics. . Legal require­ments can change and future-ori­ented pro­duction processes will require new dis­posal solu­tions. . The variety of tasks in waste dis­posal logistics will therefore rather increase than decrease in the future.

Project Man­agement

In order to ensure the eco­nomic success of a project, reliable project man­agement is essential — from ini­tial­ization, planning and imple­men­tation to com­pletion — we plan, coor­dinate and monitor your project pro­fes­sionally.

Our trained project man­agers accompany your project in every phase and take respon­si­bility for an eco­nomical and effi­cient project exe­cution — in time, quality and budget.

Change Man­agement

The ability to change and speed will be crucial for com­panies in the future in order to be able to act flexibly, quickly and agilely and to realign their processes in a scalable way. The changes affect the entire value chain. Due to our years of prac­tical expe­rience, we know how to deal with these changes within a company. Change man­agement is indis­pensable — for your company, your employees, your sup­pliers & Co. We accompany your company and prepare your employees in time for the system and process adjust­ments.

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