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Logistics con­sulting with effi­cient logistics solutions 

We accompany you in the analysis, planning and imple­men­tation of your logistics

As a logistics spe­cialist with many years of expe­rience in logistics con­sulting and ware­house planning, we support and advise our cus­tomers in their logistics and supply chain envi­ronment. Your logistics strategy is the foun­dation of all your future solu­tions, espe­cially the supply chain that is tai­lored to your needs. Together with you we develop or expand your strategy in a future-proof and eco­nom­i­cally effi­cient way. As soon as the foun­dation has been laid, we are at your side as a partner for all further chal­lenges within logistics — starting with ware­house automation or ware­house mod­ern­ization, goods & material flow planning, inventory opti­mization or the opti­mization of your entire supply chain. 
The optimal alignment of the logistics strategy is essential for com­panies to be com­pet­itive. We support you in devel­oping or renewing your logistics strategy. 
We optimise your ware­house, regardless of whether it is new or old — from layout planning, the selection of the optimal ware­house equipment as well as transport systems, to material flow control. 
With effi­ciency within the process chains, we reduce costs and improve the quality of work at the same time. We identify process poten­tials that can be imple­mented quickly and with little effort. 
Together with you, we develop an optimal overall solution and are at your side from the con­ceptual design to the real­i­sation, taking into account the latest technologies. 
We optimise your flow of goods and mate­rials, taking into account your needs and future market require­ments. The focus is on uncov­ering unused potential. 
With our 3D ware­house planning, we visu­alise your logistics according to your ideas and real­is­ti­cally depict storage tech­nology and material flows. Take a look at your new building even before implementation. 

Is your logistics dynamic and pow­erful enough?

We give you an overview of your process weak­nesses. Indi­vid­ually tai­lored to your logistics processes, we show you poten­tials on how to streamline and optimise your processes through the appro­priate use of automation & digitalisation. 

Our per­for­mance promise

With com­pe­tence and passion, we deliver and develop high-quality and resilient logistics solutions

As a com­petent and reliable logistics con­sul­tancy, we offer prac­tical, tan­gible logistics con­cepts and sus­tainable solu­tions. With our 3D ware­house sim­u­lation tool, you can see in advance how our developed logistics solution will work and look in your practice. With virtual reality in logistics con­sulting, we pursue an inno­v­ative con­sulting approach. You can use it to move around in your new logistics world even before your logistics building is actually con­structed and/or your intral­o­gistics are redesigned. 
In your project, you as the client decide when and in which phase you need support. We adapt to your respective project phase. If you already have results from initial logistics analyses, pre­lim­inary projects or studies, we build on these and accompany you within the next project phases up to the end of imple­men­tation. If you would like to have your own opti­mi­sation poten­tials checked for plau­si­bility or if you would like to start your already planned logistics project, we will support you right at the beginning — you decide from which point onwards we will be at your side as a partner. 
Our goal is to work with our clients to find the optimal balance between per­for­mance and financial outlay, while sus­tainably aligning logistics and logis­tical processes for the future. 
Through our process potential analysis, we show our cus­tomers process poten­tials (quick wins) in their logistics within a short time, which can be imple­mented quickly and cost-opti­mised with a low input. 

Long-term coop­er­ation based on partnership

Our cus­tomers trust us

Our many years of expe­rience and a high level of cus­tomer sat­is­faction in project imple­men­tation are the best ref­erence. A well-func­tioning team within the project is the key to success. 
Renowned com­panies, from SMEs to inter­na­tional cor­porate giants, are among our long-term cus­tomers. We cul­tivate a part­nership-based cooperation. 
The opinion of our clients is par­tic­u­larly important to us. After the project is com­pleted, a per­sonal meeting takes place with our cus­tomers in which the entire project is finally evaluated. 

Logistics con­sulting

Ques­tions and answers about logistics consulting 

After your inquiry we will contact you and arrange a free appointment. Based on your needs / your project, we can already discuss rough ideas and sug­ges­tions during the initial meeting. Ideally, we can get a first rough overview of your logistics by a tour of the ware­house. Within a short period of time we will provide you with a non-binding offer, which is already worked out in great detail. You will receive an exact description of ser­vices, a rough time schedule and a cost cal­cu­lation. Now you decide about the assignment.
First of all, our primary goal is to fulfill your project order in time, cost and quality with highest sat­is­faction. However, it is also our duty to advise and support you with your project in advance. Logistics solu­tions must be sus­tainable, effi­cient and prof­itable — that is our goal.
The logistics strategy is the foun­dation of your logistics. How do you want to position your company in the market? What delivery speed can your sup­pliers offer and how can you influence them? How are your loca­tions, your network of sup­pliers and cus­tomers dis­tributed and how will the structure of your entire supply chain develop in the future? The answers to these ques­tions are crucial for the oper­a­tional alignment of your logistics and ware­house. We advise and support you in both strategic and oper­a­tional logistics.
Within our logistics con­sulting we often work with a cost ceiling Within our logistics con­sulting we often work with a cost ceiling. Depending on how pre­cisely your goals and your project are defined, the more pre­cisely we can determine the costs of our logistics con­sulting for you. Our internal time recording tool enables us to provide very detailed billing. You get an exact overview of which ser­vices were pro­vided when, how long and by which con­sultant. We stand for full transparency!
External logistics con­sulting is very important from our point of view. Our cus­tomers come from dif­ferent areas of logistics. Due to our many years of expe­rience in con­sulting, we cover a wide range of indus­tries within logistics. We know the market and the sup­pliers, we are per­ma­nently engaged in inno­v­ative logistics solu­tions which we can implement for you. Neu­trality and objec­tivity are further important argu­ments. The view from the outside can protect you from oper­a­tional blindness. In addition, we relieve you and your employees so that you can con­cen­trate on your core business.