Business Case Logistics Master Plan [Feld­schlösschen AG]

Referenz Feldschlösschen

Feld­schlösschen has strongly cen­tralised its logistics in recent years. Since the pro­duction and dis­tri­b­ution ware­house at the main location in Rhe­in­felden does not offer suf­fi­cient capacity in its current form, Feld­schlösschen has developed a logistics master plan. As part of this plan, various loca­tions on the plant site were eval­uated for the con­struction of a high-bay ware­house. On this basis, offers and con­cepts for auto­mated storage and order picking were obtained from various system suppliers.

Infor­mation customer

Feld­schlösschen, head­quar­tered in Rhe­in­felden AG, is the leading brewery and largest drinks retailer in Switzerland. The company has existed since 1876 and employs 1200 people at 21 loca­tions throughout Switzerland. With a range of over 40 of its own Swiss brand beers and a com­pre­hensive bev­erage port­folio ranging from mineral water to soft drinks and wine, Feld­schlösschen sup­plies 25,000 cus­tomers from the catering, retail and bev­erage trade.

Project goals & tasks

Eval­u­ation of the available offers and con­cepts for auto­mated storage and picking
Elab­o­ration of a holistic solution proposal
Prepa­ration of the findings for the prepa­ration of a final business case

Results at a glance

  • Eval­u­ation of existing offers and com­parison of strengths, weak­nesses and costs of the indi­vidual offers and solution approaches
    Devel­opment of a final, holistic solution proposal
    Analysis of existing restric­tions due to building and usage reg­u­la­tions with design plan obligation
  • Devel­opment of solution variants for the inte­gration of a high-bay ware­house with approx. 40,000 pallet spaces and a multi-level and largely auto­mated picking area into the existing building
  • Cost ver­i­fi­cation in coop­er­ation with indus­trial archi­tects and inter­na­tional suppliers
  • Prepa­ration of all findings for the devel­opment of a business case for the strategic eval­u­ation of the investment project
  • Concept val­i­dation within the inter­na­tional project team with members from both Feld­schlösschen and Carlsberg A/S