InterLog Man­agement as jury member for the TIP Inno­vation Award 2020

Markus Lanz Jury Mitglied TIP

On November 18, the “Verein Net­zwerk Logistik” (VNL) in Zurich will award the TIP Inno­vation Prize 2020. 

Markus Lanz, Man­aging Director of InterLog Man­agement GmbH, is again member of the jury.

For the second time, our col­league Markus Lanz is allowed to sit on the jury of the TIP Inno­vation Award of the VNL Switzerland.

We are very pleased about this, espe­cially given the fact that InterLog Man­agement is happy to support the inno­v­ative strength in logistics and supply chain.

For 5 years now, the TIP (tech­nology and inno­vation platform) of the VNL Switzerland has been offering young and small com­panies the chance to present their inno­v­ative products and ser­vices to the public and a jury in the “Lion’s Den”.

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