Opti­mization of logistics processes

Wyss Samen References

Wyss Samen und Pflanzen AG operates a dis­tri­b­ution centre at its head­quarters in Zuchwil, from which it sup­plies its own garden centres, key accounts and end cus­tomers. The dis­tri­b­ution centre also houses the pack­aging of seed bags. Over the past few years, the require­ments placed on the dis­tri­b­ution centre have changed repeatedly, so that at the time of the project, the dis­tri­b­ution centre was faced with a large number of factors that reduced effi­ciency and performance.

Infor­mation customer

Wyss Samen und Pflanzen AG is one of the most important tra­di­tional hor­ti­cul­tural com­panies in Switzerland. As a spe­cialist in the spe­cialist gar­dening trade, Wyss pro­vides ser­vices for every­thing to do with greenery and trades in seeds, plants and garden sup­plies. With around 230 employees, Wyss Samen und Pflanzen AG is one of the leading com­panies in the green sector in Switzerland.

Project goals & tasks

We have been com­mis­sioned to carry out a rough analysis of the current sit­u­ation and on this basis to develop a cat­a­logue of mea­sures for short, medium and long-term opti­mi­sation. The rough analysis has shown that selective mea­sures only lead to rel­a­tively small increases in effi­ciency and per­for­mance. Therefore an addi­tional vision of the future devel­opment of the logistic infra­structure within the existing building was elab­o­rated and visu­alized. This vision shows how and at what cost the dis­tri­b­ution centre can be operated in a sus­tainable way. In par­ticular, this vision offers the pos­si­bility to dis­pense with an external ware­house rented at the time of the project and thus to optimize the logistics infrastructure.

Results at a glance

  • Cat­a­logue of mea­sures for short, medium and long-term opti­mi­sation of
  • intral­o­gistic processes and material flows
  • Devel­opment of a holistic and future-ori­ented logistics vision for the design of the dis­tri­b­ution centre
  • Three-dimen­sional visu­al­ization of the “vision” using Demo 3D