Dig­i­ti­zation Intralogistics

References Frischpack

The logistics processes at Frischpack GmbH’s main site are to be opti­mised and redesigned due to increasing pro­duction volumes. In an upstream rough concept planning by InterLog Man­agement, poten­tials for opti­mizing the entire intral­o­gistic processes were worked out.

Infor­mation customer

Frischpack GmbH, based in Mailing near Schönau, is a cheese processor inde­pendent of pro­duction and is char­ac­terised by a high product variety and product quality. In addition to a wide range of pro­cessing and pack­aging options, it also offers its cus­tomers cus­tomer-spe­cific co-packing.

Project goals & tasks

The poten­tials iden­tified in the rough concept phase are to be worked out in detail, including imple­men­tation planning:

  1. Ware­housing: Con­version from con­ven­tional ware­housing to a narrow aisle system and con­version from shelf storage to an auto­matic shuttle system
  2. Internal trans­ports: Con­version from con­ven­tional forklift transport to dri­verless transport systems
  3. Goods receipt: Con­version from manual goods receipt and pallet transport to auto­mated goods receipt

Results at a glance

  • Physical as well as data tech­nical actual state analysis
  • Def­i­n­ition of the intral­o­gistic processes as well as process-related IT require­ments for the divisions: 
    • Goods receipt raw materials
    • Storage and material supply Pack­aging material
    • Internal transport of fin­ished goods
  • Prepa­ration and imple­men­tation of the calls for tender
  • Tender eval­u­ation and sup­plier recommendation
  • Real­i­sation planning