Plant structure planning logistics center

Logistics strategy plant area planning 3D

The company Otto Christ AG operates a logistics centre at the Ben­ningen site. This is to be expanded as the company grows. The aim of the expansion of the logistics is to unbundle the current flow of goods and to be able to organize the logis­tical processes including the pro­duction supply more efficiently.

Infor­mation customer

Otto Christ Wash Systems has been one of the leading man­u­fac­turers of car wash systems in Europe since 1963 with a company size of approx. 1,400 employees. Their product range is deeply tiered and extends from the portal car wash known in everyday life to special systems for various types of vehicles.

Project assignment

The project assignment included the com­plete plant structure planning of the logistics center at a new location as well as the opti­mization of the intral­o­gistic processes. Further com­po­nents were the con­nection of the goods and transport flows between the existing plant and the new logistics location as well as the prepa­ration of an imple­men­tation plan.

Results at a glance

  • Con­sid­er­ation of the actual sit­u­ation including the intral­o­gistic processes as well as the cus­tomer characteristics
  • Devel­opment of dif­ferent concept variants for the opti­mization of intral­o­gistic processes 
    • Storage infra­structure and storage methodologies
    • Automation pos­si­bil­ities
    • Transport and han­dling areas
  • Plant structure planning and the planning of the new logistics center
  • Investment cost cal­cu­lation / ROI cal­cu­lation from process potentials 
    • Deter­mi­nation of investment costs for the intral­o­gistic infrastructur
    • Investment cost cal­cu­lation for the con­struction of the logistics buildings
  • Cre­ation of the imple­men­tation planning